Actually, uniform is more than just the clothes for work. On one hand, it can be a tool for branding and developing corporate image. As uniform is the first silent greeting to your customers, it is very important to corporate image building. A smart wearing sales staff member gives good impression to your customers.

On the other hand, a set of fashionable and comfortable uniform adds value to staff motivation. As you can imagine, as each staff member needs to wear the same outfit everyday, a uniform made of high quality fabrics is essential to your staff.

What is more, we can supply uniform fabrics featured with special functions including anti-bacteria, water resistance, sweat absorption, etc.

Product Categories:

Customer Services
Property Management
Security Guard

Our Services
As uniform is the first greeting to your customers, Hong Kong Professional Uniform (HKPU) provides you with the best solutions for branding and developing corporate image.
We are the best uniform tailor who supplies uniform of high quality in terms or materials and workmanship. We can also tailor make unique design for your own brand. Meanwhile, you can send us your existing uniform for production at competitive cost.
Our Clients
HKPU's uniform are widely applied to different industries for various applications such as banks, hotels, retail outlets, hospitals, clinics, public utilities, etc. We place great value on relationships that continue over time. We believe that success results from high quality of products and services.
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